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RCS 800, 3rd generation
-Greater quality and performance

The new upgraded Retail Cash Solution, RCS 800, makes an already strong cash solution even stronger with higher quality and accuracy than ever before. The RCS 800, 3rd generation, is built to meet the toughest requirements in back office cash handling on the market.

Cash management at its best

The improved performance with the latest techno-logy includes an improved coin handling solution which increases the sorting accuracy even more. The new coin cleaner and the latest hopper solution minimize downtime and increase the reliability of the RCS 800 even more. Furthermore, it is now easier to manually refill the coin hoppers. Not least the new RCS 800, 3rd generation, is easier to use. The latest resolver within Orchard/J is also designed for minimal downtime giving the user the ability to make immediate repairs. SCAN COIN also offer an education package for end-users (cashier, CIT and supervisor) helping the customer to get the most out of the new cash solution.  The RCS 800, 3rd generation, is a strong partner in the complete combination of note and coin handling within back office.

- Improved accuracy
- Even more reliable
- Higher efficiencysolutions

 "we wanted to improve the Retail Cash Solution even further to make it as easy to use as possible with maximum capacity and reliability"
Product management team, SCAN COIN